May D.E.A.R.S. Fun Net

Join us Wednesday evening, May 22nd at 7 pm for the May D.E.A.R.S. Fun Net. The illustrious Captain Bruce Keller (K4BAK) is taking a well deserved break so I will be at the helm as Net Control! I am excited to be Captain for this evening, just like my good friend Captain Minnie who is currently steering the ships!

Please join us from all over the world and check in to our net. Everyone is welcome to check in and share any traffic or announcements with us.

We will begin promptly at 7 pm Eastern Time. In the Orlando area you will find us on the D.E.A.R.S. repeater at frequency 147.300 PL 103.5. You can also join us via EchoLink node #632802.

Settle yourself in your radio shack, grab a cup of coffee in your D.E.A.R.S. coffee mug(right handed or left handed – either way works) and check in to the net. We want to know you are listening and we can be heard.

We love to share our net with all hams no matter where you may be located. It is an exciting time for everyone to listen to old friends and make some new ones! Interested to see what everyone has been up to this past month.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to once again be a part of the monthly D.E.A.R.S. Net!!

Look forward to hearing from everyone soon!

Rebekah Bachstein