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The following is a schedule of our D-Star Net connections.

We are now connected to Reflector 37C Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

Other scheduled connections.
Southeastern D-Star Weather Net, Sundays @ 2100, Reflector 2A
Raspberry Pi Net, Mondays @ 2200, Reflector 38C
Papasys Technet, Tuesdays @ 2300, Reflector 12A
Papasys D-Star Round table net, Thursday @ 2300, Reflector 12A



*Echolink Node WD4WDW 632802*

We have five DEARS repeaters located on the
Walt Disney World property.

147.300 + .600 PL Tone 103.5
echolink Node 632802

145.110 - .600

444.000 + 5.000

442.500 + 5.000

Please feel free to use either one.

click here for a word about our repeater.



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WD4WDW Gateway is now up and running.
442.000 +5.000

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